Retainer Services

It’s okay to not know how to do it all! Exquisite Enterprises inc. offers retainer services to small businesses & brands in need of creative services on an ongoing basis, at an affordable price. These support services are designed to give small businesses access to the resources and assistance they need to be successful.

Services We Offer On Retainer

At this time, these are the services that we offer on retainer. We can offer groups of services at a time! Rates do vary, and are subject to change. 

Website Management - $185 Per Month

We work with you to keep your website up to date with accurate information that best reflects your brand and current operations.

Graphic Design Services - $215 Per Month

We handle all of your business’ graphic design needs. Including flyers, marketing materials designs, social media posts, and brand imagery for your business.

Digital Content Creation & Development - $235 Per Month

We create all of the content for up to 2 social media accounts, and your website or blog, if needed. We work with you to develop engaging content for your business by analyzing your social media and website analytics.

Graphic Content Retainer - $350 Per Month

We handle all of your content creation & graphic design needs for your business. We will create content for up to 2 social media platforms.

Media Coaching & Representation - $165 Per Month

The media has a powerful ability to shape our views of products, issues, institutions, and brands. Media exposure is integral to raising awareness of your brand, products, and services. Exquisite Enterprises Inc. works to get your business in front of the right audiences through the right media channels and outlets.

Benefits of a Retainer with Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

Predictable Costs

Small businesses know what to expect for an invoice every month for services. This allows for better budgeting and forecasting.

Priority Service

As a retainer client, we set aside an allotted amount of resources every month to dedicate to retainer clients.

Front of Mind

More important than being front of the line is being in front of the mind! In a retainer relationship, a marketing agency moves from simply taking orders to coming up with new ideas and ways to help move their client’s business forward.

Better Value

Small businesses that form a retainer relationship with will essentially be paying lower costs on our services. More valuable than that - the agency will start to have a deep understanding of the business and be able to provide stronger and quicker service as a result. Even further - as the relationship continues to grow, so does the efficiency.

Retainer Length Options

Every small businesses has different needs. We offer a variety of options for the length of your retainer when you sign up. Choose a length best for your budget. 

One Month Term

3 Month Term

6 Month Term

One Year Term

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