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"...writing yourself into history. Your words, your thoughts, your story, it all becomes stained in this narrative of the world." - Kimberly Bowman
Exquisite Publishing offers a well rounded experience for authors looking to publish their work. We don't just walk you through the actual process of publishing, but we ensure that your book is marketed and promoted to your target audience, as well as building your professional character and skill set. 

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  1. Ghostwriting/Co-Authoring
    Can't find the words? In need of some help? We offer ghost writing and co-writing services to authors in need of assistance in the writing process or just want to give someone else the reigns.
  2. Proofreading
    Just finished publishing your work? Let us edit and proofread it for you to make sure your thoughts, ideas, and overall message is being expressed correctly.
  3. Cover Creation
    Cover Creation
    In need of getting your book cover made? Let's sit down and map out your ideas and bring them to life!
  4. Brain Mapping
    Brain Mapping
    Interested in writing but not 100% sure on how to get started or an overall plan of what you want to write and say? We will sit down with you for a brain mapping session to help you get started.
  5. Marketing
    We work with you in marketing your book in the best possible way! This includes, public relations, planning a book signing, media exposure, building a presence on social media.
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We now offer audiobook publishing! 
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