Our Story

Something More

Founded in March of 2013, with one of our subsidiaries, So Exquisite Charleston Magazine, we stood firm on the premise that we were a publication that was by the people and for the people. With that, we expanded into what we are today. 
"I grew up in, what would be considered, one of the worst neighborhoods in Charleston. But what was supposed to hinder my spirit and discourage me, only inspired me and motivated me to want more for myself and my community," said our founder Kimberly Bowman. Since her days of growing up in Charleston, Charleston has become an industrious, cultural melting pot, for people all around to visit, retire, and set up shop. WE take it as our duty to preserve what's most vital to what makes Charleston so incredible: It's people and culture.

A Girl With A Plan

She graduated from Susquehanna University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications, a year and a half earl, and moved back to her hometown of Charleston to start her new life. After 2 months of being on the hunt for a job, she was unsuccessful and became depressed. But when all seemed lost, Kimberly took matters into her own hands and started a blog. What started out as a way to keep busy while continuing to look for work, became a full fledge business and what we know now as So Exquisite Charleston Magazine. As her entrepreneurial efforts grew, she expanded beyond So Exquisite Charleston, into Exquisite Enterprises Inc. 

As a proud Charleston native, and a dedicated entrepreneur, Kimberly hopes to motivate and inspire people to chase their dreams and be themselves as she does.